Echoes of Glory

Amateur Spelunking

A hard-fought treasure is finally won, and a nigh-forgotten promise kept

In this episode
Our mighty heroes have won yet another room carved by the mercenaries who took Blackthorn’s riches all those years ago, fighting the animated remains of previous treasure hunters and winning their scattered gear as well the item responsible for animating them: a pure Lazurite amulet. However, this is not the end. The tunnel continues ever downward.

Through ample rope use and clever application of spells, the knights navigate the treacherous, water-rotted scaffolding and avoid a devious trap at the bottom of the shaft. In the room beyond, a monster waits. A titanic scorpion, larger than a horse-drawn carriage, its power and intellect enhanced by demon blood and magical experimentation. It knows new prey is close, and it is hungry, lurking in the shadows of magical darkness. Patiently, it awaits a new meal.

Our heroes, however, are no spring chickens. Sir Dread holds aloft his Gem of Brightness and a beam of magical light pierces the veil, striking the monster in the eyes. It screams in rage as Dame Lagatha bathes its bulk in the darkness-banishing glow of her magical lantern, then both warriors charge in for the kill. Impressed at his allies’ initiative, Sir Fiddich hangs back, supporting their efforts with a magical barrage that throws the creature on its back. The beast never manages to regain the upper hand, and is torn apart.

The way is clear, and the vault awaits! Our heroes are not the first to make this room, and several forged keys are in place on the massive stone door. However, it remains closed. With two keys themselves, our Heroes are closer than any group previously to gaining entry, yet still they do not have enough. Meddling with or attempting to destroy the structures in the room rewards our heroes only with burns, as a Flame Strike trap activates.

It falls to Sir Fiddich, adventuring scholar and learned man, to devise a solution. He meditates upon his notes and his Pathfinder Chronicle, takes up his tools, and with a deep breath, makes his attempt.

With a thunderous crack, the door splits open, and slides aside. A gleaming breastplate, a magical backpack, and a handful of trinkets and scrolls are among the more readily identified treasure, along with two, more inscrutable artifacts: a painting that appears to be missing its subject, and a massive tapestry depicting a battle so epic in scope, the small treasure room does not have enough space to display the piece to its fullest.

Stuffing the loot into magical bags and saving the mysteries of the treasures for another day, our heroes vanish from Temple Canyon in a flash of teleportation magic, moving towards grander adventures . . .

Next Time!
Heroes bold and true, our brave knights return to Ridonport to pay back the debt they owe to their friend, famous titan of industry Lance Aldan. Jailbreaks, piracy, and high seas adventure await! Tune in next time for another exciting tale: the voyage of the HMS Destiny!



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