Sergeant Major Clover

Cataphract Training NCO


Aging, heavyset, mean-spirited drill sergeant. Technically a knight, but far more apt to use a shortbow than a lance. Moves fast for a fat man.


Clover has been a sergeant longer than some sergeants have been alive, and is considered a border defender of the highest caliber. Countless Qadiran Dervishes have died impaled by one of Clover’s arrows (the unluckiest ones are those who were still alive when Clover advanced to get his arrows back). Badly wounded in combat, Clover was sent back to Oppara to recover, where it was generally agreed upon by high command that he should retire. However, no one had to courage to actually tell the man personally, so he was attached to a training battalion, a job Clover has taken to with much enthusiasm (and shouting).

Sergeant Major Clover

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