Rudolfo Disaren

Lord Commander of the Disaren Legions


Haughty and proud, the eldest son of House Disaren was rarely seen in public without full plate armor, a snow-white charger, and a dozen armed retainers.


While he lived, It was rumored that Rudolfo had never lost in single combat, but what he truly craved above petty, personal victory is glory on the field of battle. To lead a phalanx of Taldan Legions into epic mass combat and have the bards sing his name for generations to come. Since tension with Qadira bubbles but never quite boils over into a proper war, Rudolfo latched onto his family’s ancestral hatred of Evondemor (and any who associate with her) as the next best thing.

Rudolfo died of wounds sustained during the Siege of Disaren, and his valet surrendered his sword to the victorious commander.

Rudolfo Disaren

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