Blaine Disaren

Legion Adjunct, Known Sadist


With clothing worth a small fortune, a permanent sneer, and a thin, perfectly oiled goatee, Blaine is the spitting image of what foreigners picture when they think of a spoiled Taldan noble.


To Blaine, everything is a game, and every creature a pawn in the struggle for power. He dabbles in magic like most of Taldan nobility, uses his power to rain misery on any and all who cross him or stand in the way of his perceived dominance. House Disaren readily turns a blind eye to Blaine’s acts of petty murder and sabotage so long as they support the House’ power plays.

The last time anyone saw Blaine, he’d been teleported inside Evondemor’s vault of cursed objects by a Barrow Hound . . .

Blaine Disaren

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