Tony's Correspondence

Following the Siege of Disaren, the knights of Blackthorn ransacked the Disaren manor house. Tony Disaren’s office was found in complete chaos, with scraps of paper and letters strewn about the room. The desk was cleaned out in a hurry, but few, if any, of the paperwork was taken. It’s not likely Disaren cleaned this room out himself, and probably trusted the job to an aide, who was more focused on monetary goods.

One letter had been written on both sides. The front was printed like an informal order, and was smudged as if it had been handled a lot. What is legible read:
“. . . Although at the time it was agreed to be the most convenient solution, our lord no longer wishes to leave the search for Temple Canyon’s cache in the hands of these outlaws, and expressed his desire to have them replaced by a detachment of our soldiers as soon as possible. Have the Reavers push south to spearhead the attack against Evondemor. That should put a smile on the devil-woman’s face.”
The back, in a different hand, read:
“Understood. We’ll have the Red Legion keep the site until your troops arrive. The Reavers will mobilize at dusk”

Beneath it lay two letters, tied together. The first was a simple note:
“Confirmed: Lance Aldan is connected to your problem at Blackthorn. Also connected to a ship in Cassomir called the Destiny. Destiny won’t sail until the Blackthorn knights are aboard, apparently. Possible escape route?”

The next was a very long a flowery letter that reeked of perfume, and signed by Duchess Selphine Telegonis of Cassomir. The gist of it was that Selphine would be more than happy to have an embargo placed on the Destiny. She also boasted that her little pet project is going quite well, and wished Lord Disaren similar success in his ventures.

One last letter appeared to be a summary of someone’s research:
“Galtan Redcloaks were the first to use Blackthorn as an outpost after its destruction, and it is assumed they were the first to loot it as well. It has been theorized they used Temple Canyon as a staging ground in preparation for their return to the north, though many were killed by infighting over the spoils and the rest were hired to protect a merchant galley to Osirion. Some accounts say these men become even wealthier there, adding treasures from Osirion to the growing horde. Outlaws of all stripes have continued to use the area as a cache over the years. We assumed the local bandit groups of Rhoetius would have some knowledge of the whereabouts of the cache, but when the Blackthorn Knights struck they truly took the head off the snake, and it seems none of the underlings who remain possess the knowledge their leaders did.”

Tony's Correspondence

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