The Lamprey Incident

The city of Escodar, a town basically built only to hold the Absalom navy, contains a disproportionately high number of whorehouses, gambling rings, fighting rings, and drug dens. Past the good side of town, the bad side of town, and the creepy side of town, lies the Lamprey, a bar fit only for the worst of the worst.
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The night in question found our future heroes taking solace in alcohol amongst a volatile mix of sailors and grizzled mercenaries. The wizard and the frog took a table by the wall and attempted to stay out of the way, while the war priestess, having chosen to stay at the side of her orc comrade, kept to herself. The warrior attempted to question the locals (about what, no one is rightly sure), but his slow wit led to him being soundly rebuked by all. A craven former colleague of the war priestess and the orc soon entered the bar. The priestess chose to take the high road and ignore him. The orc did not. Within seconds, the coward lay upon the floor, almost certainly dead. A melee rapidly ensued.

The wizard commended himself in this fight with surprising guile and tact, while the frog jumped into the rafters to avoid a man who really only wanted a hug. The priestess and the orc fought back to back, laying out all who approached, and remained untouchable throughout the battle. The warrior bit off more than he could chew, and had to be revived by fellow bar patrons.

The constabulary arrived as the fight threatened to spiral out of control, and everyone, barring the band, was escorted to jail.

The next morning, our brave heroes awoke to the sound of salvation, as they were mistaken for mercenaries and were bailed out by their supposed “employer.” At the dock they met Lance Aldan – explorer, inventor, entrepreneur, gentleman – and his loyal halfling valet, Stephan. Unwilling to discover if coming clean would land them back in jail, our heroes allowed themselves to be mistaken for members of the mercenary crew and boarded Aldan’s vessel, bound for Taldor.

No names for any of the perpetrators present at the Lamprey that night are recorded in official Escodar Guard documents. The whole thing was noted simply as being “a hell of a cock-up” before being happily swept under the rug.

The Lamprey Incident

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