The Alycean Valley Campaign

Following initial success, the assault on Disaren soon slowed to a crawl…

Disaren’s advance had been crushed, but they still had many more troops in reserve, and plenty of tricks up their sleeve. The old valley road to Disaren was unsuitable for an army; any dedicated unit could hold the low pass against any number of foes almost indefinitely. Knowing this, Oppara’s Hammer made for the valley itself, to strike east through the hills, then circle back when it made the highlands.

Meanwhile, Lord Commander Rudolfo Disaren rallied the broken 75th Legion under his own banner, and led them into the valley to meet Oppara’s Hammer head on, along with the rest of the Disaren Regulars, the Knights of the Gold, and the mercenary outfit known as the Red Legion, led by Coover Leeds. The fleeing Reavers were captured as they fled the 109th’s advance. Rudolfo had a third killed for cowardice, and reformed the rest into the 1st Penitent Cohort, along with a gaggle of malcontents and convicts he had hauled from the dungeons for this very purpose. These men were given one task: stall the enemy, and the survivors might be spared the hangman’s noose.

Sir Darahan had an army of dedicated fighters, riding high on a crushing victory. Commander Disaren had numbers on his side, with multiple units in reserve and the capital to hire additional mercenary units at a moment’s notice. Both men thought the campaign would be over in a matter of days. Both men would turn out to be wrong.

For the entire summer, men fought, bled, and died over every yard of Alycean Valley. Bombards and cannons thundered day and night, pummeling Disaren’s fighters, while the 109th, now dubbed “Gorum’s Own” in respect to their commander’s god, rolled over any and all opposition. But Disaren could replace their losses quickly, and they knew the terrain better than anyone from either Hydra’s Hollow or Oppara. So the war dragged on…

The Alycean Valley Campaign

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