Centaur lancer, Sheriff


Female Centaur lancer, and current Sheriff of Rhoetius. She is lithe and blonde (her horse half is Palamino) and hardly a warrior at first glance, but years of relentless self-training has made her a formidable combatant.


A former bandit of the group known as the Lionbanes, Sunny, a young centaur with an utterly inpronouncable name (hence the “Sunny” moniker), fancied herself a Lancer. She switched sides at the Battle of Rhoetius, based almost solely on a deep personal hatred for Gaunt, the leader of the Reavers. After the fight she was chosen by Glenn (and endorsed by Dread) to be the new Sheriff of their young town, a job she takes very seriously. Kev and Liam, also former Lionbanes, are her chief deputies.


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