Ranger, former Reaver


An elite Ranger, specializing in thrown axes and bows. Like most Reavers, she has a ruthless streak a mile wide.


Critically wounded during the Battle for Rhoetius, Rhea regained consciousness to find the town had changed hands. The choice, as it was presented to her by the other former bandits, was this: stay a bandit and die, or live to fight for Taldor and the Knights of Blackthorn. With little loyalty to the Reavers (and no desire to fight for Pauva anyway), Rhea signed on. Her murdering ways now largely behind her (except for that one time), Rhea now works as a hunter, bringing in game to feed the little town until more permanent solutions can be found.

It’s been weeks since anyone has seen Rhea, and no one knows her well enough to say for certain if this is due to a possible capture or accident, or if she simply took off on her own.


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