Reese Darahan

Taldan Knight, Paladin of Iomedae


A paladin of the Taldan Legion, and favored son of the esteemed Darahan nobility.


Deputy Marshal of the Opparan Prefect, Darahan’s official duties leave him with plenty of free time, so he stays on retainer in Oppara as a horse breaker and trainer of future knights, doing his best to instill in them a sense of honor before Taldan politics corrupt them completely. He also jousts in the Emperor’s Tournament at the Lord Marshal’s behest, and has won the last two such events. He is known to fight with a falcata he keeps sheathed on the back of his shield rather than at his side, and utilizes a hybridized fighting style of Iomedaen swordplay and Rondelero dueling, passed down from his forebears.

Sir Darahan led the army mobilized from Oppara to aid Evondemor and Hydra’s Hollow, though he delegated the bulk of command duties to his knights.

Reese Darahan

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