Mr. Black

Creepy stranger


Cloaked in multiple robes, hoods, and long coats, leaving only his mouth visible, Mr. Black claims his real name is beyond the ability of mortals to speak.


At some point during his flight from Evondemor, Julius Hammond (known more commonly as the jester) was contacted by Mr. Black. The stranger made an offer for the glass eye Hammond had stolen, and the jester seemingly had every intention of taking him up on that offer, but was stopped by his untimely death.

The Eye fell into Glenn Fiddich’s possession, who unwittingly met the conditions for the trade when he investigated a roadside ruin late at night. Mr. Black, hardly caring for the difference between one human male and another, made the wizard the same offer: a trip inside the House of Cards for the Eye. The wizard accepted, handed the Eye over, and he and his allies were transported inside the artifact.

Mr. Black

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