Lucan DeVar

Undead Manhunter


An unholy terror, armed with his Blackbow, DeVar slaughtered hundreds when he became an undead creature, and never stopped killing until his final defeat.


In life, Lucan DeVar was a valiant knight, a peerless hunter, and heir to the Barony of Blackthorn. He fancied himself as an explorer and amateur archaeologist, but unbeknownst to him or his family, a curse attached to one of many items he pilfered took hold in his mind. The curse infused his thoughts with evil and steadily drove his sanity from him. Unable to cure the boy, Abel DeVar resigned him to Cliffside, a smaller manor he had built for his wife before she passed, with a small contingent of servants and guards so that he might live out his days in some comfort. As disaster befell Rhoetius soon after, DeVar didn’t live long enough to see what became of his son.

In the final weeks of his life Lucan went violently insane, causing his stewards to take action. They sent word to Blackthorn, and a Legion paladin loyal to DeVar marched at once, with what few guardsmen he could rally on such short notice. They arrived at Cliffside, where they were systematically hunted and slain by the thing the young man had become. The paladin’s call for reinforcements went unanswered, as by then the town of Rhoetius had been destroyed.

Gestad, a barrow hound and brother to D’Argo, had stayed loyally by Lucan’s side during his fall into madness. Unfortunately he was corrupted by the same evil which destroyed his master, and both of them descended into undeath, haunting the ruins of Cliffside until they were violently lain to rest by the new masters of Blackthorn.

By the time Lucan was finally slain, all he carried was his Blackbow and a strange, obsidian amulet.

Lucan DeVar

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