Dame Lagatha of the Southern Isles

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Chaotic-Good Changeling War-Priestess of Gorum. Unrepentantly violent and constantly in danger of losing the “Good” aspect of her alignment. Prefers the bloodiest solution to any problem unless she is sleepy, in which case she prefers the solution that allows her to go to bed the quickest.

Wears an aged, mithral suit of gothic plate mail, with a magic dress that changes the appearance of the rest of her gear to whatever she wants. Also wears a magic crown that once belonged to a friend.


The Changeling daughter of an Ulfen jarl, Lagatha answered the call of the War God at an early age. Denying her hag heritage, she sailed south with an Ulfen war fleet, fighting Chelish Marines and pirates alongside the Ulfen berserkers. Along the way, she learned to use her shield as a potent weapon, and developed a keen distrust for zeppelins (see: The Pride of Westcrown). The fleet landed in Absalom, but when they moved on, Lagatha stayed to try her hand as a mercenary.

It’s there she met Bragg, a loyal but dull orc brawler who would follow her on future adventures.

Wish magic allowed her to become a fledgling knight of the Golden Legion of Andoran (pending official commission and ceremony), though her brothers in arms have managed to keep a lid on her induction into the order so that she might continue to serve in Taldor.

Lagatha personally led the unstoppable 109th in the recent war.

Dame Lagatha of the Southern Isles

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