Julius Hammond

The Jester


Male Human Bard, formerly in the employ of House Disaren. Commonly masqueraded as a jester.


Sent by the rulers of Disaren to sabotage Evondemor, the jester was not subtle enough to escape the attentions of a Qadiran agent. Though he never learned the motivations behind her interest in him, it was enough to spook the jester into grabbing whatever magic items he could and fleeing as quickly as possible, as detailed in his journal (later recovered off his corpse).

Hammond spread the word for nearby bandit groups to gather in Rhoetius, intending to sell off the items he pilfered for fast cash to further fuel his getaway. When the Battle of Rhoetius was joined, the jester hid, trusting in the guns of a dour Black Hand mercenary named Korwitz to protect him. It likely came as a shock to him, then, when those guns turned on him and sent him off to an early grave.

Julius Hammond

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