Hook Hands

Crazed Murderer


A malicious serial killer, both hands replaced by hooks. His trademark was scoring an X in the flesh of those he’d slain.


Hook Hands capitalized on the depleted guard force of Ridonport and preyed on the poor of the Sunken Quarter. Before long he’d built such a fearful reputation that it was only a matter of time until bounty hunters were dispatched to end him. It was heavily implied that final conflict with Dread was his goal all along.

He died in a fiery explosion (always a strong possibility when a wizard realizes his foe is standing too near a stack of gunpowder kegs) and his body was returned to Sergeant Loquin for the bounty.

His skull was later fashioned into a rough but terrifying ho-ate mask by an aspiring taxidermist and is now worn by Dread himself.

Hook Hands

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