Grand Prince Stavian III

Monarch of Taldor


Grand Prince Stavian III is emperor of Taldor, but the awkward and bitter sovereign is as dissolute as his empire. Surrounding himself with grandiose titles and sycophantic courtiers, he is known for dallying in whatever takes his fancy.


Despite his low reputation, the Grand Prince has a clever streak. Early in his rule, he set in motion a massive public works campaign to build a stronghold on the Whistling plains to watch for Qadiran aggression. His master stroke was to convince the wealthiest among the royalty, the largest thorns in his late father’s side, that leading, financing, and constructing this project would bring them great honor on behalf of the empire. Thus, Stavian’s Hold was born and the prince rid himself of any challenge to his power.

More recently, the Grand Prince issued the Errantry Decree, mobilizing countless wayward legionaries, ex-soldiers, mercenaries, and minor nobles against the bandit gangs preying on his lands with one stroke of a quill.

The Grand Prince has only one living child: Princess Eutropia

Grand Prince Stavian III

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