Sir Glenn Fiddich

Matt's Character


Neutral-Good Human Wizard, an Evocation specialist with a pinch of Investigator for flavor. Handles almost all of the group’s social situations despite a baffling shortage of charisma.

Wears a long, fancy jacket concealing several pistols and a least one sword. Also wears a scarf, no matter the weather, like a hipster. Grew a goatee, despite Taldor’s clear rules on the matter, which came in perfectly, against all odds.


A genius with a staggering intellect and the social grace of a dead possum, Glenn went to school at the Arcanamirium in Absalom. Despite the wealth of his family, he blew through his college fund in relatively short order, and was soon in debt. Always preferring personal research and experience over being taught by a so-called “superior”, Glenn dropped out of college to pursue his studies on his own. He was accompanied by his only friend, a young grippli known as Mumbles.

Though he is not recognized as a full wizard by the university he left behind, he has since become a skilled Evoker with a focus on Force spells, as well as a relatively adept negotiator.

Commanded “Arcane Thunder,” a unit of militiamen from Hydra’s Hollow equipped with the best artillery money could buy, in the war, and lost his left eye to Tolgrin “Blackscale” Cassman during the The Battle of Landis Ford. Sir Fiddich’s vengeance cost the bandit lord his life.

Sir Glenn Fiddich

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