Sir Dread

Ralph's Character


Heavy-hitting Lawful-Neutral Half-Orc Fighter, specializing in two-handed weapons and fumbling social situations. Dabbles in firearms and watercolor painting.

Wears a massive, custom suit of black dragon and fiendish hydra skin plate armor, carved with hellish runes and topped by a ho-ate mask made from the skull of a dead murderer.


As mentally sharp as a spoon, the half-orc known only as Dread inexplicably thinks himself to be a keen investigator, and got his mercenary start as a thief-taker and bounty hunter in Absalom. Possessed of more innate strength than most pack animals, Dread kills as naturally and easily as other men breathe. He is also an incredibly gifted painter and artist.

Dread’s behavior is dictated by a self-written Code that only he understands. This Code was once carved on his sword, and though that poor quality weapon has since been lain aside in favor of the magically-enhanced spoils of adventure, Dread will occasionally borrow a piece of chalk to scribe the Code on his current armament.

During an ill-conceived “hydra hunt,” Dread slew Razormaw, an ancient devilish hydra, in just a few swings, a feat few living men could hope to duplicate, but was torn asunder by Razormaw’s spawn. However, even Death could not hope to keep Dread contained for long.

Dread served as the champion of the 109th Legion in the war, personally facing the strongest fighters the enemy could offer and finding none equal to his challenge.

Sir Dread

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