Coover Leeds

Red Legion Commander


Leeds heads up the Red Legion, a mercenary outfit known to be made up primarily of former soldiers.


A former ranger and scout for the 88th Legion, Coover Leeds spent years in northern Taldor, hunting down Galtan saboteurs, dangerous fanatics bent on bringing their bloody form of “revolution” into Taldor. Leeds eventually left active service to become a mercenary, knowing he could make far more money as a contractor than the government was paying him as a soldier, and started the Red Legion, attracting veterans like himself.

The Red Legion’s last job had involved working for Disaren, protecting their interests and holdings while their armies pursued a vendetta with Evondemor. When the war turned against Disaren, the Red Legion was withdrawn to help protect the city, and was nearly obliterated during the siege. Coover Leeds barely escaped with his life.

Coover Leeds

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