Clay Bourtz

Heir of Evondemor


Male Human Ranger, former vigilante.


The bastard son of Markarius Bourtz, Clay was only recently granted the right to use his last name and made the heir of Evondemor. His younger sister Liza was also brought into the family at his insistence in order to give her a better life and allow her to inherit title and wealth should the worst happen.

A ranger by practice and trade, Clay is very pragmatic, and was prepared to do whatever it took to make allies of the Knights of Blackthorn in preparation for what he viewed as an inevitable war with Disaren.

Clay quickly tired of fighting a losing battle against an enemy with almost limitless wealth and friends, and traveled to Oppara to force his father’s allies in the senate to honor their old alliances. Helped along by Clay’s drawn sword, the senate voted to send troops to reinforce both Evondemor and Hydra’s Hollow against Disaren. Clay himself led a unit of mounted militiamen in the ensuing war, many of whom would be knighted for their service.

Clay Bourtz

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