Half-witted Orc Brawler


Hulking Chaotic-Neutral Orc fist fighter. Dumber than a sack of hammers. Hit like a freight train and made nearly undrinkable coffee. Was loyal only to Lagatha of the Southern Isles.


Almost nothing was known about Bragg’s origins. As a mercenary, Bragg fought beside Lagatha, and the two formed a lasting bond. The dense orc stuck by the war priestess after their last job together, following her lead in combat and often acting as a bodyguard for weaker mortals at her insistence.

Bragg carried Lagatha’s personal standard – an image of Gorum standing triumphant before a bloody sun (painted by a relatively unknown but up-and-coming artist)- into battle, staying by her side as she led the 109th Legion to victory.

Deep beneath Temple Canyon, in the caverns of Gorum, Bragg finally met his end, when overwhelming magical firepower did what hundreds of martial fighters could not. His skull rests there still, set in a place of honor among the bones of long-dead champions of the god of war.


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