Aglorn Desimire

Obsessive explorer and historian


Formerly a wizard and summoner of some talent, with ties to the Aspis Consortium.


Seeking to make a name for himself among noteworthy scholars, Desimire became obsessed with the legend of weapon he knew as the “Doom of the Ashen.” Reading over ancient dwarven folklore, Desimire stumbled upon the tales of the Iron Father, a man considered by many to be a pure myth. In reading over the accounts, Desimire was struck by the similarities between descriptions of what Doom of the Ashen was capable of, and what the Iron Father was said to have done in his lifetime. The wizard became convinced that the Iron Father had been the bearer of the Doom of the Ashen, and set out to find the warrior’s tomb.

Local bumpkins had long asserted that the training halls of Gorum, beneath Temple Canyon, contained the tomb of a mighty warrior of the iron faith, so Desimire set his sights on the ancient ruin. Unfortunately, his visit coincided with that of a group of up and coming knights. He died on the end of Dame Lagatha’s sword, his life’s mystery still unsolved.

Aglorn Desimire

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