Abel DeVar

Last Baron of Blackthorn


In portraits and on record, Abel DeVar is depicted as a noble, honorable man, the very best Taldan royalty had to offer. His ultimate fate is unknown, but it is assumed he was claimed by the same horror which took his town and keep. His children, Raina, Lucan, and Carmine, all went missing even before his death.


The baron was a ship captain out of Cassomir in his younger days, who earned several “druid tithes” over the course of his career, the first of which he bore with him everywhere. He once leaped to the aid of a small riverside settlement within the Verduran forest, driving off multiple waves of bugbears before a trio of druids arrived to finish the job. Knowing the townsfolk could scarcely afford to pay the nobleman properly for his aid, and bearing no coin or treasure themselves, the druids summoned two Barrow Hounds to protect the baron as he protected the innocent.

In portraits, the hounds, D’Argo and Gestad, are mirror duplicates, but for their hunting barding, which bears the name of each hound on a brass plate. Gestad developed a keen affinity for Lucan DeVar, accompanying him on many adventures, but D’Argo was assumed to have followed the tribune into his final combat.

D’Argo eventually reappeared to the aspiring new masters of Blackthorn, but the remains of Baron DeVar are lost to history.

From DeVar’s recovered writings:
“My house is falling apart. It seems Lucan doesn’t have long; his mind slips and his fits grow more violent by the day. Raina is missing. Carmine weeps at night and mopes during the day, says he can hear her voice in his dreams. Abodar’s mercy, that boy has the soul of a woman. If she ever turns back up, Raina is my heir. Tradition be damned.”

Final Entry:
“The lake is boiling. Something rises from those foul deeps, I’m sure of it. Carmine is missing now as well, and Raina has yet to return. I’ve no time left to solve these mysteries, and no one I can count on. So it falls to me. The evacuation has begun. Faithful D’Argo and I will remain here with the militia. Perhaps we can delay this new horror long enough to get these people safely on the road to Evandemor.”

Abel DeVar

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