Echoes of Glory

The Wizard Robs a Bank (for love)

Holding out for a Hero

Alas! One of the world’s mightiest warriors, Dread of Blackthorn, has fallen! After slaying the vicious Razormaw, a Fell Hydra lurking in the steaming waters just outside the walls of Rhoetius, in a matter of seconds, Dread was torn asunder by the beast’s unholy spawn! His sacrifice allowed Glenn Fiddich and the Sheriff’s department to repel an attack that would have otherwise been unwinnable, but that is cold comfort to his friends! Leaving the warrior’s corpse in the hands of Eirina, newly arrived Cleric of Sarenrae, the wizard rides for Evondemor with Sheriff Sunny and D’Argo, hoping to secure the necessary material ingredient, a 5000 gp diamond, for a Raise Dead spell!

Meanwhile, Lagatha of the Southern Isles is on an Eagle Knight ship bound for Taldor on a secret mission! Appearing via wish magic in the middle of a storm, not to mention an apocalyptic firefight between the small Andoran brig and a much larger Chelish frigate, the war priestess arrived in the nick of time to turn the tide of battle, rescuing dozens of slaves and saving many Andoran lives! Later, she will discover the fate of the smuggler’s town of Carver’s Cove, and lead the Eagle Knights to victory over the Reavers in Evondemor itself!

In this Episode
We rejoin the wizard in his quest to rescue Dread from the clutches of Death itself!
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After a hard (some might say “montage worthy”) ride, Glenn arrived to find Evondemor’s Temple of Abadar (and most likely repository for the diamond he needed) in complete disarray. After a recent robbery (by an agent of Disaren, no less) proved that the temple and the vault beneath were in desperate need of a security upgrade, construction crews were brought in, leaving the normally orderly temple in total chaos. Glenn explained his need to the head of the Temple, Mother Kaleda, who made the fateful decision to lead the wizard down into the vault itself, as the vendors she would normally have directed him to were shut down for construction. Unbeknownst to her, an ambush had been laid for her down in the vault.

Evondemor’s vault was built in two halves, with valuables and curios (as well as those relics which House Bourtz intended to destroy, including the Alabaster Urn) under lock, key, and guard, and the truly dangerous and cursed relics sealed behind a massive metal door. It was this second, deeper vault that Blaine Disaren wanted access to, and he was willing to go to any lengths to get inside.

Blaine broke down enough of the magical wards around the Urn to summon reinforcements from within, and murdered the guards and staff on duty. With the very magics that were meant to protect the vault concealing his crimes from the Temple above, Blaine set his trap and waited.

When Mother Kaleda stepped inside the room and located the lockbox she needed, the trap was sprung. A vicious Salamander appeared from illusory cover and piked her, while Glenn was set upon by outlaws, who had donned the garb of the slain Temple Guard. A pair of Annis Hags dropped their disguises and filled the room filled with fog before joining the fight as well.

D’Argo and Sunny, sensing something amiss, appeared to defend the wizard in the fight, which was hectic and uncertain at every turn. In the aftermath, Mother Kaleda lay slain by Blaine’s hand. The outsiders he had summoned were killed by Sunny, and the magus himself had been accidentally teleported into the cursed vault by a “dimensional bark” issued by D’Argo.

Resisting the urge to steal everything that wasn’t nailed down (since every possible witness not personally loyal to him had gone to meet their gods), Glenn settled for a small handful of expensive diamonds and a fancy-looking cane, and vacated the premises with all due haste.

With the diamond in hand, Eirina cast her spell, and Dread came roaring back into the world of the living. Convinced beyond doubt that his brush with Death had only made him stronger, Dread set about the task of proving his superiority over all things multi-headed by paying the town’s fledgling smith, Denna Castoven, to fix (and enchant) his shattered armor using the bones and hide of Razormaw.

And right about when Glenn was ready to completely give up on Lagatha ever returning, she rode out of the mists and into town, pretty as can be and pleased as punch about all her new kit. During the reunion, Glenn saw a opportunity to get “better acquainted” with his long-lost comrade, and took his shot . . .
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. . . which fell flat. Fortunately, during the encounter, Glenn had a million-platinum idea for a book about a heart-broken Sasquatch, and set to work on his magnum opus immediately.

Also, the gang beat a prisoner to death. Since these people are supposed to be the protagonists, let’s not dwell on that . . .

Next Time
Armed with the knowledge that House Disaren very much wants them all destroyed, the gang makes plans to head back to Evondemor to see if their alliance with the battered town still stands. What will they find there? Will there be high jinks? Does anyone care that Andoran’s Eagle Knights seem to think they’re allowed to do whatever they want in foreign countries now? Stay tuned!



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