Echoes of Glory

Blood and Thunder

Lives are lost, a city is sacked, and a bloody summer is brought to a close.

Our Heroes have fought and bled for months on end to stand in front of Disaren and bring it to its knees. In a war that would be known to the crass as “Disaren’s War” and to romantics as “Blackthorn Rising,” the novelization of the tales that brought our bold knights to the enemy’s doorstep are included below:

Part 1: Hammerfall!
Part 2: The Alycean Valley Campaign
Part 3: The Battle of Landis Ford

And now for the thrilling conclusion…
Marching from the east, the vast army known to its backers and benefactors as “Oppara’s Hammer” approached the city, finding it defended by everything Disaren had left: 2 Legions – the 75th Heavy and the 23rd, the last of the Disaren Regulars, the Knights of the Gold, Coover Leeds’ Red Legion, and Tolgrin “Blackscale” Cassman’s Swamp Drakes.

Unfazed by the forces arrayed against her, Dame Lagatha ordered the 109th Legion forward, while the Opparan Auxiliary moved to provide a screen for Arcane Thunder, the Blackthorn cannon unit led by Glenn Fiddich. Roaring battle cries to Gorum, the 109th shattered the demoralized remnants of the Disaren Regulars and took the lower city, soon finding itself battling the 23rd for the upper city. Outside the city gates, the companies comprising the left flank of the 109th swept into the trenches of the 75th. Sir Dread, serving as unit champion of the 109th, went headhunting, and within the hour had slain countless men, including the commander of the 75th. Outmatched and leaderless, the 75th soon broke, and Dread and the rest of the 109th were free to press the attack into the city to reinforce their brothers.

Ignoring the dauntless 109th, the Red Legion and the Knights of the Gold drove straight at Arcane Thunder. The Opparan Auxiliary put up as much of a fight as they could, but were eventually crushed when the Swamp Drakes flanked them. With nothing in their way, the Knights of the Gold ran roughshod through the Blackthorn militia’s lines, scattering gun crews and engaging Sir Glenn and the command staff. The Evondemor dragoons managed to drive the knights out, slaying their commander, Lord Restov, in the process. Glenn rallied his men and got them back on their guns in time to fire a devastating volley into the Swamp Drakes. Cassman’s men were almost completely obliterated.

Gravely wounded by shrapnel, Cassman attempted to escape, but Glenn wasn’t done. Determined to see vengeance done for the eye Cassman had taken when last they’d met, the wizard rode out on D’Argo to chase the bandit lord down. Battered within an inch of his life by Glenn’s magic, Cassman found himself completely helpless as the barrow hound tore him apart.

On the streets of the city, Sir Dread met Rudolfo Disaren in combat, trading vicious blows before the flow of battle dragged them away from one another. It wasn’t long before Rudolfo died of his wounds, and his valet surrendered his sword to Lagatha as the 23rd buckled before the onslaught of the 109th. The city had been taken.

The victorious soldiers looted the town of Disaren of everything that wasn’t nailed down while their commanders did the same with the manor house. When he had taken everything he could carry, Sir Glenn had his gunners level the manor with cannon fire, as a parting gift to the family that had dragged him into a three month war and taken his left eye.

Next Time
Snared by plot hooks, our victorious heroes set off to find out just what, exactly, is the big damn deal with Temple Canyon?



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